In 2005 right after she was crowned as a beauty Face of Nigeria.

Uche foundation launched her non-profit Uche Foundation in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria where she organized THE RED BALL charity event creating HIV/aids awareness all over Nigeria, she raised funds in donations, June 2008 she lost her Mentor/mom after her battle with cancer which was a painful exit for her seeing her mom go through pain before she passed away, she decided to focus her foundation on giving out free hair pieces/wigs to women and children going through hair loss all over the world. she created her own line of Hair conditioner, Shampoo, and styling tools, making it easy for all her clients to make one stop and achieving all their hair needs.

Uche foundation is a proud ambassador of OSCEF (out of school children empowerment foundation) with over fifty-four kids she has vowed that bring kids back to school in Africa will be her number one priority.

Following the company’s phenomenal success

Requests from her loyal fans to offer more, Uche foundation quickly accepting bulk hair donations from the public and using it to personally making wigs for kids and women going thru chemo and hair loss and providing everything a woman needs enhancing hair care products and attractive styling tools, anyone can achieve.

Purchasing any product from Qua Hair 5% sales generated will be donated to Queen Uche’s OSCEF AND UCHE FOUNDATION

Qua Hair is the Affordable luxury lifestyle, inspired by your sexy glamour girl, we set to inspire confidence, beauty, sexiness, and a sassy state of mind.

Uche foundation is known for wearing very long and luxurious wigs

Uche foundation is known for wearing very long and luxurious wigs which is custom made and designed by her, she always says no more spending thousands and hours at the salon for glue-in or sewn-in extensions that frankly, damaged your own hair and required follow-up appointments and upkeep as the hair grew, extensions were the alternative to high-maintenance salon extensions. made from premium-grade, 100% human hair, they can be cut, colored, and heat styled just as you would with your own natural hair. All you have to do is clip them in.

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Uche foundation is the creator and also supports cancer patients via ‘UCHE FOUNDATION’ means 3 generations of strong women’s her late Energetic and Diva Mom Uzoamaka, her daughter Adaeze and herself Queen Uche. Joined forces to design and create classic affordable Synthetic wigs, Ponytails, bangs, Braid extensions, and Accessories.