1 to 7 women developing breast cancer

, the odds are high that nearly everyone is affected by this disease in some way.

Whether it’s a personal diagnosis or that of a loved one, finding answers to your questions and a supportive community of people who understand the experience can make all the difference. This year, we’re honoring breast cancer blogs that educate, inspire, and empower their readers.

www.queenuchefoudation.org was created to help women living with breast cancer and other hair loss disease feel sexy again with their hair, and is committed to helping those affected by the disease by providing them free hairpieces designed by Queen Uche. With comprehensive, medically reviewed information and multiple methods of support, this is a great place to find answers, insights, and experiences. On the blog, advocates and breast cancer survivors share personal stories on everything from cold caps to art therapy while the learning section takes you through every detail from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

Anna is a young breast cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed at just 27, she struggled to find other young women going through the same experience. Her blog became a place to share not just her cancer story, but her passion for all things style and beauty. Now, 3 years into remission, she continues to inspire young women through wellness, positivity, style, and self-love.  

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